Voronoi Lamp consists of laminated layers. All These layers are splitted by voronoi diagram. Voronoi diagram is a diagram that assigns a set of points in a plane into an equal number of cells, such that each point is inside a cell consisting of all regions closer to the point than to any other point. In our project, voronoi is controlled by particle system. That is, particles allow a flat box to split into pieces. As flat boxes are stacked up, particle system has an effect on all the boxes. And the particles enable all the layers to split in different shape of voronoi fragments. The particles spread by force of wind with no turbulence value which has just power and direction. The flat boxes are formed of translucent material. The light which is come through bottom light box passes through the translucent layers, especially the gaps between fragments of layers. So there is a difference between the amount of light emitted. You can see this not only in the top view, but also in the side view of lighting.
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