A 3D printable furniture joinery system that enables upcycling and customizing furniture.
Most furniture is mass-produced in factories and delivered to consumers. However, each individual’s space, lifestyle and
furniture needs are different. The environmental burden of making and delivering furniture cannot be ignored. What if you could make your own furniture at home?

'PURNITURE' is a 3D printable furniture joinery system that helps customize furniture. It upcycles existing furniture to create new furniture. The 3D printed nature of the joint enables it to adapt its size and shape to any existing furniture dimension. It limits waste by printing only what is necessary. It can be reused and this allows flexible reconfiguration of furniture to bring change to spaces.

PURNITURE is designed to be easily printed with a home FDM 3D printer. Using PLY filament which is a commonly available eco-friendly material provides sufficient support and durability. The physical prototype is also printed with PLY filament. 13 pieces of laminated particle board from old furniture are supported by 22 joints. It took 2 days to print all the joints but it took only 3 minutes to build new furniture.

With PURNITURE, we can reduce the environmental impact of waste and transportation by upcycling existing furniture. As 3D printers become more popular and environment-friendly materials are more actively developed in the future, PURNITURE can be a solution to new furniture manufacturing methods.
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