"A Restaurant without Food"

What is eating? What if we can feel happy without eating? Inspired by food patch technology that can transmit nutrients through the skin without eating foods and 4D printing technology that can transform
its shape or property itself according to time and environments, a new concept of a restaurant is suggested.

Delicious Hill consists of a set of units that move in response to human movement and contact. One unit is designed to be applied at various scales according to the size of the place. This unit has a builtin sensor that detects the movement of the human body and has a characteristic that the closer it is to people, the higher the height. The elevated height can be used as the furniture that people can sit or lean on. When the human body touches this unit, nutrients are supplied.

In Delicious Hill, a series of actions to order and wait for food is not necessary. Instead, the movement of people and only the floor that responds to them emerges and disappears repeatedly creating a space that
cannot be defined. The more people come together, the higher the floor will rise. The irregular floor creates a flexible and dynamic space, which seems like a huge hill. People can experience the pinnacle of their senses where the sense of taste has disappeared.
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